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InnoDB variables
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innodb_log_files_in_group = 2


==> If innodb_file_per_table is disabled (the default), InnoDB creates tables in the shared tablespace. If innodb_file_per_table is enabled, InnoDB creates each new table using its own .ibd file for storing data and indexes, rather than in the shared tablespace.

innodb_data_file_path     = /data/dbmaster/ibdata:100M:autoextend
innodb_data_home_dir      =

innodb_log_group_home_dir = /dblog/dbmaster/arch
innodb_log_arch_dir       = /dblog/dbmaster/arch

==>The size in bytes of the memory buffer InnoDB uses to cache data and indexes of its tables. The default value is 8MB. The larger you set this value, the less disk I/O is needed to access data in tables. On a dedicated database server, you may set this to up to 80% of the machine physical memory size. However, do not set it too large because competition for physical memory might cause paging in the operating system. Also, the time to initialize the buffer pool is roughly proportional to its size. On large installations, this initialization time may be significant. For example, on a modern Linux x86_64 server, initialization of a 10GB buffer pool takes approximately 6 seconds.

innodb_thread_concurrency = 16

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