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(Publish Date: 2008-8-19 11:47pm, Total Visits: 969, Today: 2, This Week: 2, This Month: 4)

LogMiner presents the information in the redo logs through the V$LOGMNR_CONTENTS fixed view.

V$LOGMNR_CONTENTS contains historical information about changes made to the database including, but not limited to, the following:

  • The type of change made to the database (INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, or DDL).
  • The SCN at which a change was made (SCN column).
  • The SCN at which a change was committed (COMMIT_SCN column).
  • The transaction to which a change belongs (XIDUSN, XIDSLT, and XIDSQN columns).
  • The table and schema name of the modified object (SEG_NAME and SEG_OWNER columns).
  • The name of the user who issued the DDL or DML statement to make the change (USERNAME column).
  • Reconstructed SQL statements showing SQL that is equivalent (but not necessarily identical) to the SQL used to generate the redo records (SQL_REDO column). If a password is part of the statement in a SQL_REDO column, the password is encrypted.
  • Reconstructed SQL statements showing the SQL statements needed to undo the change (SQL_UNDO column). SQL_UNDO columns that correspond to DDL statements are always NULL. Similarly, the SQL_UNDO column may be NULL for some datatypes and for rolled back operations.