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find fragments in indexes and optimize the indexes
(Publish Date: 2014-6-16 2:45pm, Total Visits: 480, Today: 1, This Week: 1, This Month: 1)

-- Be careful of executing it against large production system without detailed filtering

USE wwdev03;

SELECT OBJECT_NAME(ips.object_id) AS Objectname, AS IndexName,
    i.type_desc AS IndexType,
    ips.avg_fragmentation_in_percent AS FragmentationPercent, *
FROM sys.dm_db_index_physical_stats (DB_ID('wwdev03'), NULL, NULL, NULL, 'DETAILED') AS ips
INNER JOIN sys.indexes AS i
ON ips.object_id = i.object_id
AND ips.index_id = i.index_id
WHERE avg_fragmentation_in_percent > 30
AND ips.index_level = 0;

-- Rebuild and reorganize indexes

ALTER INDEX id_ix on dbo.users REBUILD;

ALTER INDEX id_ix on dbo.users REORGANIZE;