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[Blog] a script to kill many same slow queries in DB [Original] 2011-8-18 1:45pm

A small script to kill all same slow queries in MySQL database.

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[Blog] How to Read vmstat Output [Original] 2010-5-11 11:57am

By default, vmstat and iostat produce just one report showing the average values of various counters since the server was started, which is not very useful. However, you can give both tools an interval argument. This makes them generate incremental reports showing what the server is doing right now, which is much more relevant for tuning. (The first line shows the statistics since the system was started; you can just ignore this line.)



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[Blog] Linux maximum number of open files or file descriptors [Original] 2009-11-11 10:18pm

There are two levels of control on Linux maximum number of open files (or file descriptors), system limit and per-user/group/process limit. /etc/sysctl.conf is to set system-wide amount for kernel, /etc/security/limits.conf is to assign specific limits on per-user/group or process.

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