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[Blog] How does "LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE" work? [Original] 2012-9-6 12:46pm

How does "load data infile" work in different binlog_format?

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[Blog] Innodb DB gap lock and timeout [Original] 2011-2-11 4:05pm

We hit a timeout issue on inserts/updates on an innodb table. We can only resume INSERTS/UPDATES by restarting apache or MySQL.  The inserts/updates were logged in the slow query log and time out on the value of "innodb_lock_wait_timeout=120".

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[Blog] InnoDB: Warning: a long semaphore wait [Original] 2011-2-7 4:02pm

error: MySQL is keeping restarted and generated a lot of error message on the InnoDB datafile.

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[Blog] Errors on a Slave: received end packet from server, apparent [Original] 2010-12-28 5:18pm

I use MySQL 5.1.48 and hit a bug on the slave server-id and got the following errors in mysql error log. The slave IO thread keeps rotating relay-log file and caused high IO usage.

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[Blog] Using the Transaction Information Schema Tables to check lock status [Original] 2010-12-28 4:50pm

It is sometimes helpful to be able to identify which transaction is blocking another. You can use the Information Schema tables to find out which transaction is waiting for another, and which resource is being requested.

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[Blog] Analyze Innodb Deadlock [Original] 2010-10-20 11:34am

In the innoDB status report, MySQL got deadlocks on two different SQL statements and two different tables.  After analyze the general log, the deadlock happened on the same row, same table.  See the following general log.

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[Blog] mysqldump: Got error: 1556 [Original] 2010-10-16 1:15am

mysqldump: Got error: 1556: You can't use locks with log tables. when using LOCK TABLES

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