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[Study Notes] spider data sharding and replication [Original] 2009-10-22 5:20pm
A. what is spider? (extracted from spider document) 1. Spider Storage Engine creates table links from local databases to remote databases.   Spider makes available tables in remote MySQL..

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[Work Notes] MySQL partition, primary keys and unique keys [Original] 2009-10-14 11:53am
All columns used in the partitioning expression for a partitioned table must be part of every unique key that the table may have. In other words, every unique key on the table must use every column in..

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[Study Notes] Tools for sharding [Original] 2009-8-18 11:33am
(high performance MySQL 2nd Ed. Page 417~432) 1. MySQL proxy HSCALE - Horizontal Scaling for MySQL HSCALE is a plugin w..

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[Work Notes] Shard Lessons [Copied] 2009-8-3 12:40pm
No, not SHARED lessons, I mean SHARD lessons. I have to admit that until about a year ago I didn't really know the term shards in relation to databases. Now don't confuse that with not understanding h..

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