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[Work Notes] Implementing MySQL Database Replication (step by step) [Original] 2009-10-16 3:15pm
Master:IP1, Slave: IP2Master site (IP1)1, Reconfigure a new my.cnf.bak file under /etc    Using my-large.cnf as a model file, change the following item 1)    key_buffer..

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[Work Notes] MySQL partition, primary keys and unique keys [Original] 2009-10-14 11:53am
All columns used in the partitioning expression for a partitioned table must be part of every unique key that the table may have. In other words, every unique key on the table must use every column in..

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[Work Notes] how to use MySQL SET Datatype [Original] 2009-10-7 5:22pm
A table article has a column is defined as SET datatype; mysql> desc article localized;| localized | set('articleName','articleSubname','topTitle','description','content','keywords','status',..

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[Work Notes] Mysql system variable group_concat_max_len [Original] 2009-10-4 1:53pm
The maximum allowed result length in bytes for the GROUP_CONCAT() function. The default is 1024. mysql> show variables like 'group%';+----------------------+-------+| Variable_name  &nbs..

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[Work Notes] MySQL case statement [Original] 2009-10-4 1:46pm
1. An example of case statement in the procedure: delimiter // create procedure migrate_total (norID int) begin         DECLARE euID INT DEFAULT 1;&n..

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[Work Notes] Upgrade from MySQL 5.0 to MySQL 5.1 [Original] 2009-9-27 12:54pm
Upgrade from MySQL5.0 to MySQL5.11. backup databases first.2. $rpm -Uvh MySQL5.1.rpm3. If 2 doesn't work, we need to manual upgrade MySQL- Ensure that you have a complete, working backup of your data..

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[Work Notes] An example of MySQL cursor [Original] 2009-9-25 10:52am
An example of MySQL nested cursor loops: 00    begin 01        declare no_more_rows boolean default false; 02     &nbs..

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[Work Notes] Building MyISAM Indexes Quickly [Original] 2009-9-22 11:11am
The usual trick for loading MyISAM tables efficiently is to disable keys, load the data, and reenable the keys: mysql> ALTER TABLE test.load_data DISABLE KEYS; -- load the data mysql> ALTER T..

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[Work Notes] MySQL trigger [Original] 2009-9-17 11:36pm
Test a mysql trigger in MySQL replication. 1. create a table on mastercreate table emps(emp_id int NOT NULL, emp_name varchar(30), dept_id int, dept_name varchar(30),..

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[Study Notes] MySQL cluster summary [Original] 2009-9-17 10:57pm
MySQL Cluster features Overview:• MySQL Cluster is a technology that enables clustering of in-memorydatabases in a shared-nothing system.• MySQL Cluster is designed not to have any single point of fai..

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