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[Blog] using an inner join instead of a sub-query [Original] 2011-4-8 1:09pm

For a subquery, the explian plan scans from the outer table first, then the inner table. If the outer table is larger than the inner table, try to use an inner join. Here is an example.

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[Blog] Innodb DB gap lock and timeout [Original] 2011-2-11 4:05pm

We hit a timeout issue on inserts/updates on an innodb table. We can only resume INSERTS/UPDATES by restarting apache or MySQL.  The inserts/updates were logged in the slow query log and time out on the value of "innodb_lock_wait_timeout=120".

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[Blog] An example of user_defined variables [Original] 2010-1-4 11:50am

select max(trans_id)+2000 into @v1 from transactions_overflow_insert;

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[Work Notes] how to use MySQL SET Datatype [Original] 2009-10-7 5:22pm
A table article has a column is defined as SET datatype; mysql> desc article localized;| localized | set('articleName','articleSubname','topTitle','description','content','keywords','status',..

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[Work Notes] MySQL case statement [Original] 2009-10-4 1:46pm
1. An example of case statement in the procedure: delimiter // create procedure migrate_total (norID int) begin         DECLARE euID INT DEFAULT 1;&n..

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[Work Notes] An example of MySQL cursor [Original] 2009-9-25 10:52am
An example of MySQL nested cursor loops: 00    begin 01        declare no_more_rows boolean default false; 02     &nbs..

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[Work Notes] MySQL trigger [Original] 2009-9-17 11:36pm
Test a mysql trigger in MySQL replication. 1. create a table on mastercreate table emps(emp_id int NOT NULL, emp_name varchar(30), dept_id int, dept_name varchar(30),..

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